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The cells are emptied after the cultivation process. The product that we then have is mushroom compost  otherwise known as champost. This is a miracle product.

A huge problem is dormant in the Netherlands and that is a decline in the amount of humus in the soil. Government legislation forces farmers to use many minerals in the form of slurry, manure and fertilizer instead of organic matter such as champost. With the decrease in the humus content in clay, lose or sandy soil helps  deplete life and the biodiversity deteriorates within the soil. The soil also loses its natural buffer. The soil’s ability to retain water and minerals is also reduced and as a result, the soil dries out faster and minerals flush out faster.

The use of champost in arable farming, on vegetable farms, fruit farms and on grasslands increases the humus content and can reduce these threats.

In short, the application of champost is the solution for a very serious dormant, invisible problem. We currently have our land on loan from our children, but as we are working on it, we are inflicting future generations with a major problem. In fact, what is happening here in the Netherlands is equivalent to the felling of a tropical rainforest.

In the past, many disasters have happened on this earth and civilizations have been lost due to the loss of usable land and not paying attention to humus. In the book ‘Dirt’ by David Montgomery, professor at Stanford University, summarized in the film above, captures this a scientific and fascinating way. This does not have to happen in the Netherlands if the government encourages the use of champost and ensures that the humus content in the soil is restored.

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Our champost

Spreading of champost on cornfield

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